Diep.io Sandbox Game

diep.io sandbox

Diep.io Sandbox is a new release that is quite similar to the Free For All mode. The sandbox helps in finding and killing bosses. It also plays a vital role in Diep Builds. You can invite other players into your sandbox.

Diep.io Sandbox

The Diepio sandbox was officially launched on the 3rd of September 2016. This is a gaming mode for ambitious Diep players. It is quite similar to the Free For All mode. However, the maps in the Diep.io sandbox are relatively smaller. This is a major difference between sandbox and FFA. When compared to other Diep gaming modes, the sandbox comes with interesting cheats and hacks.

The cheats will increase your chances of winning this Diep game. For example, players are given the freedom to change their classes and levels. With just a click of a button, you will be able to change your class or level. This is why the Diep.io sandbox plays a vital role in finding and killing bosses. Also, it is used for testing other Diep Builds.

If required, you can invite other Diep players to be a part of your Diep.io sandbox arena. You can send invites using the party link. If a player has Diep cheats, his/her name will be seen in yellow. And, players without any cheats will be seen in white.

diep.io sandbox

The Technical Side of Diep.io Sandbox

As mentioned previously, the size of the map plays an important role in the Diep.io sandbox. In most cases, the map will be smaller than your pentagon nest. The pentagon nest is approximately 50×50 tiles. Additionally, the alpha pentagons and crashers don’t spawn in this region easily. When more and more players join your match, the size of the map starts to improve. It increases at a rate of 20×20 tiles for each player. Meanwhile, you must remember that the size of the Pentagon Nest also increases. This gives additional room for polygons to spawn!

Special Controls in Your Diepio Sandbox

The Diepio sandbox comes with additional controls. In addition to the game’s normal settings and QWERTY keyboard, you have few other keys to use. For example, “0” can be used to suicide or you will be killed by a specific player. If you use the backslash, you can switch from one class to another. If you use the letter “K” you will be able to level up. In simpler terms, you will be able to gain levels at a faster rate.

The semicolon is used to activate the “God” mode. This is when players become invulnerable. In other terms, you will become like Arena Closer. Always remember that the God mode is meant to be used only when there is a single player in the entire server.

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