Two Of The Best Builds

best builds

Are you wondering what is the best build? Do you wish to increase your health and stats in this challenging game? If yes, you will find the gunner and destroyer handy. According to experts, these are two of the best builds. As you advance into the game, you will understand the fun of gaming as a gunner or a destroyer.

However, a group of inexperienced Diep players has forgotten the power of the machine gun and its intuitive subclasses. When compared to the other tanks in Diep, the machine gun is relatively dull and less flashy. The lack of flash gives the machine gun plenty of power. Now, this gives a reason for players to become boring in Diep! As you compromise on flashiness, you will be rewarded with powers that can increase your chances of winning.

Now, the machine gun gets categorized into two major subclasses: the gunner and the destroyer. In this short write-up, you will read about these two subclasses. best class may vary according to the playing style of each player.

The Best Builds: What Is A Destroyer?

The destroyer is deemed as one of the best builds. This is an old class. To be more precise, the destroyer has been in the game since the first game. However, the destroyer has stayed the same for a long time. The destroyer has high penetration and default power. However, it is very slow in firing. Now, you must understand that every power comes with a tradeoff. This is the beauty of!

best builds

The destroyer is programmed to penetrate every other tank in the spawning environment. It can cause a good amount of damage! As a build, this is a great one for massive fights.

Key Take Away: Reload capacity and bullet speed are two key selling points of the Destroyer.

What Is A Gunner?

The gunner is another important build. This is quite different from the destroyer. The gunner is quite similar to the triplet class. It shoots furiously and very fast! Once again, there are tradeoffs you must be aware of. When compared to the destroyer, the gunner is flashy. It has tiny bullets that can cause intense damage. The tiny bullets have higher penetration abilities. In a 1-to-1 battle, the gunner is likely to have an upper hand. The only issue with this build would be speed. The gunner moves slowly.

Key take away: the gunner offers high bullet speed, reload capacity, and penetration, ensuring maximum damage.

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