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diep.io controls 2021

In Diep.io, you must know the Diep.io controls 2023 of the game to be able to move your tank and destroy the enemies. We have researched the latest version of Diep.io controls 2023 in detail for you.

Diep.io is a fantasy massively multiplayer online game. Players become addicted to this game because of its amazing features. The game is available on the desktop version as well as the mobile version. Now, players can access the game on their computers as well as mobile phones. One of the most fascinating features of the Diep.io games is that the game involves tanks. The tanks develop and grow at a fast pace, which is why players want to keep developing their tanks continuously.

Diep.io Controls 2023

Diep.io game has the same movement keys as other games. “QWERTY keys” or left, right up, or down are the Diep.io controls 2023 movement keys. Players can go either left, right, up, or down by using these keys.

Aiming Enemies

Players can use the mouse for aiming in the game. If you are using the laptop, the keypad area of the mouse controls the aiming in the game.

Scope of the Game

The right-click of the mouse lets you control the scope of the game.

Aiming with the Ammo

The left click of the mouse lets you control the aiming with the ammo.

diep.io controls 2023

Alternative Keys

Players can press the “Shift” and “Space Bar” instead of the right-click and left-click.

Special Keys for the Players

There are also special keys to the game. Players can use the “E” and “C” keys for toggling up with the auto-spin and auto-aiming features.

Upgrading the Stats

Players can press the “+” for upgrading stats within the game.

Full-Screen – F12

Players can control the game by pressing the “F12”.

Displaying Information

For accessing information, players can press the “L”.

Players can use these keys to control the Diep.io game interface. So, enjoy the game by using these keys.

Main Features of the Diep.io Game

Following are some of the main features of the Diep.io game 2023:

  • Diep.io is a multiplayer online tank game. Players can play against their friends and family online in modes of their choice.
  • Diep.io is a brilliant online game that keeps players cheerfully engaged in the game.
  • There are tanks in the game that are controlled by the players. Tanks face multiple obstacles that players surpass and enjoy their victory.
  • It is an internationally famous game. So, players get a chance to play the game with their favorite nationalities.
  • Diep.io game has a user-friendly interface that can be operated by kids also. Diep.io controls 2023 can be mastered quite easily.
  • You can update your tanks on 3 different levels. These levels are 15, 30, and 45.
  • Level 15 Diep.io tanks are Twin, Sniper, Machine Gun, and Flank Guard.
  • Level 30 Diep.io tanks are Triple Shot, Quad Tank, Twin Flank, Assassin, Overseer, Hunter, Trapper, Destroyer, Gunner, Tri-Angle, Quad Tank, Twin Flank, Auto 3, and Smasher.
  • Level 45 Diep.io tanks are Triple Twin, Battleship, Octo Tank, Auto 5, Triplet, Penta Shot, Spread Shot, Overlord, Necromancer, Manager, Overtrapper, Battleship, Factory, Ranger, Stalker, Booster, Fighter, Hybrid, Annihilator, Skimmer, Rocketeer, Predator, Streamliner, Tri-Trapper, Gunner Trapper, Overtrapper, Mega Trapper, Auto Trapper, Landmine, Auto Smasher, Spike, Sprayer, Auto Gunner, Gunner Trapper, Streamliner, Auto 5 and Auto Gunner

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