General Tips On How To Play


To play, you must use certain strategies, tips, and tricks. The right move will increase your chances of winning. Here are few tips and tricks you should follow while playing

Step By Step Guide On How To Play

If you are a novice gamer trying to play, there are a few strategies and tips you must know. In the past few months, advanced gamers have come up with a range of classes, strategies, and build(s) to make the game challenging and extremely interesting. However, first-time games need to be aware of the basics to play And, this article focuses on these basics.

To begin with, all players must be prepared to spawn in The moment you spawn into the gaming environment, you will be farming on simple polygons. Novice players are advised to spawn only bullets. In the lower levels, you should not attract any attention. Try to play passive and don’t get trapped with fighting tanks. If you are caught with tanks that are too strong and high up in the level, you are unlikely to win.


Moving on, you should not get into the middle area. The middle area is considered as a spot for the Pentagon Nest. If the game has reached its mid-stages, the pentagon nest will be crowded with strong players. When you play for the first time, don’t surround yourself with stronger players. As mentioned previously, stay calm and play a passive game.

The Different Modes and Colors

There are four interesting gaming modes for players in Maze, Sandbox, Free for All, and Survival. In these modes, the ammunition is blue in color. And, the opponent’s ammunition and tanks are red in color. If you are playing in teams of two, there will be a blue and a red team. Tanks cannot attack members of the same team. If you are playing in teams of four, you will find a blue-, red-, purple- and green team. Once again, players cannot attack members who belong to the same team. In addition, some players want to play in unblocked servers.

The Interesting Strategy

When you play, you must devise your own strategies. However, stick to these tips and tricks for a better chance of leveling up:

  • You must evade as many bullets as possible. Bullets can be used to support players who are running short on health.
  • If you believe that someone is tracking you down, you must shoot in their direction. Don’t spare players who are following or watching you.
  • To hide in, you must use “invisibility” mode. This will ambush tanks and hide them!
  • Never attack tanks that are higher than you. Always attack tanks below your level.

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