How To Design Builds? builds is growing in leaps and bounds. Every now and then, developers come up with new builds. Most of these builds focus on two important factors: health regeneration and bullet damage.

The Science Behind Two Important Builds

Whenever you come across new builds, you must comprehend the fact that its “stats” have improved significantly.

Stats play an important role in the game. It is considered as the core mechanic of this kill or to be killed the game. As you customize your tank classes, you must keep an eye on your stats. Stats can be modified to improve your style of play. With this being said, let’s learn more about the latest build stats.

The Mechanics

The moment you start to advance in, you will earn skill points. This is an upgrade found in the latest builds. Your skill points can be consumed by pressing the + button or by choosing the right number. Until you reach Level 28, you will be given a 1 skill point. And, you will be awarded one skill point till you reach 30 from 28. And, you will have a skill point for every 3-levels you complete until the final level-45. A player can make a maximum of 33 skill points. And, your stats can be improved only 7 times. builds

The Effect Of Stats In Builds

As mentioned previously, the builds come with effects and benefits. For instance, the latest release featured health regeneration. If your tank is not damaged for a fixed duration, it will begin to lose health. Your health will improve only when you do a stat upgrade. When you invest more time and effort in health regeneration, you will be able to heal at a faster rate. The rate at which you heal improves every 30 seconds. Remember, the builds will not have an impact on health regeneration if you are hit by drones and bullets.

Another Interesting Update

Another interesting build focuses on bullet penetration. With every point in your bullet penetration account, your health begins to improve. The bullet penetration account gives an overview of how many bullets can pass through a tank before its health drops to 0. This includes a variety of bullets like tanks, polygons, and more! If your tank is huge, you will have better penetration abilities. In fact, bullets may bounce off you.

Bullets can do more damage to your health. This is because bullets are healthier! If you collide with a bullet, you will be knocked back. This shows how powerful the bullets can be. With the tank tree, you can learn the levels and names of all tanks.

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