Two Major Upgrades upgrades

The upgrades will increase your chances of winning the game. It will give you newer powers and increase your speed. Every upgrade comes with unique powers like a better rate of fire, speed, and reload capacity.

Two Major Upgrades

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone tells you that upgrades are released quite often. This challenging game gets upgrades on a weekly or monthly basis. And, every update means something great. It will improve the amount of fun you have in

With this being said, let’s learn more about the upgrades.

Your Basic Upgrades

If you are in level 1, you will have a basic tank and a single cannon. Tanks start their fights with just a small cannon. The moment you reach level 15, you can improve your tank into a flank, sniper, twin, machine gun or guard. The twin gets a second cannon. The cannon is added right next to your first one. However, it reduces the chances of damage and decreases bullet penetration. The sniper upgrade gains better bullet speed and damage. With this upgrade, you will see an increase in your Field of View too! Unfortunately, the Sniper upgrade brings down your reload capacity and speed. With classes, it is very easy to learn all tank classes. upgrades

The machine gun upgrade will improve your reload speed while cutting down bullet damage. Meanwhile, the flank upgrade will add another cannon into your account. This allows you to shoot in multiple directions. Only when you reach level 30, you will be able to remove cannons. This quality is given to the smasher. The smasher can remove cannons and add hexagons.

After you go beyond level 30, you will have the freedom to choose an upgrade and proceed. This will be your second upgrade in the game.

The final upgrade is offered to players in level 45.

The Twin Upgrade

Both advanced and novice players should understand the twin upgrade. That is because you will spend 60% of your time on this upgrade. Twins are allowed to upgrade and become twin flanks, quad tanks, or triple shots. When players pick a triple shot, they will have access to dual cannons. The cannons can be programmed to move diagonally. This means you will have room for another cannon in the middle. The triple shot upgrade allows players to become Penta shot. This gives you three additional cannons, one in the middle and two in the sides.

An Advanced Upgrade

The sniper is a renowned and interesting upgrade. It will improve your bullet damage, the field of vision and range. However, it can bring down your firing capacity and rate.

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