Diep.io Tanks 2020: Comprehensive Guide

diep.io tanks 2020

Diep.io is a very intriguing and exciting game, in which players use tanks to destroy their opponents absolutely. There are different types of tanks in the Diep.io game. The tanks become more powerful at every new tier in the game. There are five tiers in the Diep.io game. We will talk about the Diep.io tanks 2020 guide in detail.

Diep.io Tanks 2020: What Are the Tiers?

In Diep.io, each player has a tank. You must level up this tank by killing other players and destroying the surrounding shapes. You will be able to choose different types of tanks depending on how you will develop your tank. Once you have selected the tank, you will not be able to return it. That’s why you should choose your new tank by thinking well after level up.

Basically, tanks are represented in the class tree in Diep.io, in which tanks are shown in concentric rings.

During the game, this ring can be displayed by pressing the [Y] Key. Following is further information regarding the tiers:

  • In the center of the class tree, the player’s tank lives.
  • The first ring of the Diep.io game consists of 15 levels.
  • The second ring consists of the 30 levels tanks.
  • The ring lying at the outermost of the concentric ring consists of the 45 levels tanks.
  • The black shaded parts in the ring define the places which cannot be upgraded. In order to reach the smasher tanks, you must ignore shaded parts to progress to the next tank.

diep.io tanks 2020

Different Tiers and Tanks Explained

Following different tanks and tiers are detailed to the fullest:

  • In level 1, the players start with a simple cannon that hits triangles in five hits, square in two hits, and the pentagon in 22 hits.
  • Following are the tanks to be upgraded in Level 15 Tier 2:
    • Twin
    • Sniper
    • Machine Gun
    • Flank Guard
  • Following are the tanks to be upgraded in Level 30 Tier 3:
    • Twin Upgrades:
      • Triple Shot
      • Twin Flank
    • Sniper Upgrades:
      • Quad Tank
      • Assassin
      • Overseer
      • Hunter
      • Trapper
    • Machine Gun Upgrades
      • Destroyer
      • Gunner
      • Triangle
      • Quad Tank
      • Twin Flank
      • Auto 3
    • Smasher
  • In the level 45, you reach the tier 4. Following are the specialization tanks that you can upgrade to:
    • Twin Flank Upgrades
      • Triple Twin
      • Battleship
    • Quad Tank Upgrades
      • Octo Tank
      • Auto 5
    • Tripe Sot Upgrades
      • Triplet
      • Penta Shot
      • Spread Shot
    • Overseer Upgrades
      • Overlord
      • Necromancer
      • Manager
      • Overtrapper
      • Battleship
      • Factory
    • Assassin Upgrades
      • Ranger
      • Stalker
    • Triangle Upgrades
      • Booster
      • Fighter

Besides these tanks in tier 4, there are many other tank upgrades such as destroyer upgrades, hunter upgrades, Machine Gun Upgrades, Gunner Upgrades. Special Upgrades is the tier 5 of the game etc.

You should consider your selections about Diep.io tanks 2020 list because tank selection cannot be changed. When you make the tank selections shown above, you can select the tank you want at level 45. But if you choose the wrong tank, it means that after leveling up, you will no longer be able to play the tank of your choice at level 45. With the Diep.io wiki 2020, you can follow all the annual developments in the game.

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